Healing Symbols

Nani’s Healing Symbols 



After a near-death experience in 1999, I discovered I had the ability to receive information to help people break through to higher consciousness levels and heal those blocks and limitations that had held them back. My healing practice took off.

The symbols started to come to me in the Fall of 2007. I had completed my Reiki Master training and read about the fact that there used to be 650 symbols, almost all of which were lost over time. I was very moved by this revelation and in a meditative state one day, I asked if I could be a conduit for healing symbols appropriate for our times. They came, sometimes as words or concepts first, sometimes as the images first. I learned to feel which ones carried power and which did not. Eventually the first 250 symbols were completed and made into 5 sets of 50 symbols each.

The next phase began in the Spring of 2010 when I was doing a meditation with a Reiki III class. My Reiki Guides came to me and activated me to those first 250 in a new and deeper way, and then said to me, “Now receive the next 250”. As I began to draw new symbols, no words or concepts came with them, and I realized that these were different, in that they were pure energy forms, through which the tones of creation and all life could come. These symbols made me realize that all the symbols could really be called holographic symbols.

All of these symbols that have come to me are to be seen as revolving, replicating, and seen from all angles. They are alive and ever changing, which is why you may see one thing in them one day, and something entirely different on another day. The symbol on my web pages and shown here is the Awakening Healing Consciousness symbol from Set 2.







These Healing Symbols are powerful visual images that directly communicate their living consciousness of healing to our innermost self. They radiate a pure, highly evolved healing energy that many can feel immediately. No in-between steps are needed to understand their message – people instantly receive that which is appropriate for them in the moment. These images create a sacred Space of Love deep within us for our evolving Spirit to live in. Our response to them can range from subtle to dramatic.


Symbols give information in a direct way because they carry a vibration that bypasses the  ego mind level of thinking and speak directly to the consciousness level of knowing. Unlike words, which are slow and involve interpretations, these symbols are instant, clear, pure communication.

The symbols stimulate the exact pattern of energy needed to re-establish communication between the various parts and systems of our beings. They work on all levels: mind, body, emotions, and spirit, bringing them together into Oneness. In this way, they help restore a higher level of functioning.

The Healing Symbols also retrieve lost information for us at this time of rapid transition. We have drifted so far away from understanding who we are, and what our purpose is, that we have forgotten the fullness of our relationship to the Creator, the Animals, Plants, and to our Earth. I believe these symbols are one way of powerfully reminding those who are ready and open to receive them of what has been lost, as well as redirecting us toward reconnection. This is why they are such useful tools in my healing practice.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true of symbols. They form a language, and could be called the language of the soul. Symbols are images, and like art, songs, poetry, and stories, they create pictures in our minds. Their grace and beauty immediately draw us in to their message. They do this instantly and directly, by moving within our level of feelings.

Symbols are visual expressions, or representations of energy, and as such, they can record and store information. Their patterns also hold the power to create, and as we learn to use them, we will regain our natural and true powers of healing ourselves, and our world. When we infuse our desires with these images, suddenly a great power is released, and our desires come alive and become our reality.


These symbols are the language of healing, and our bodies know this language very well. They reinforce the techniques I use during a healing session and provide a support of a deeper and far-reaching kind. Some of the specific ways they help are:

·      To remind us of Universal Laws and Wisdom, so that we can see where we have gotten off-track.

·      As transition tools that help us let go of past patterns we are finished with, and to prepare for future patterns that support our new way of living.

·      As a language of spiritual evolution to incorporate that information into our very cells.

·      To awaken and restore Healing Consciousness.

·      Through an Activation Symbol, I help calibrate each individual’s energy to the symbols they need. I also use this symbol during healing ceremonies like the Rebirth Ceremony.

These symbols have much to teach us, much to unlock within us. They feel pure and their forms are truly beautiful to look at. I know I will continue to grow in my understanding of them, and be able to help people to attain better health on all levels, through the use of these amazing and versatile healing tools.You may send this page to a friend by clicking on the little envelope here.

The 500 Healing Symbols are available in cards sets:  10 sets of 50 symbols per set and are sent to you as a pdf to print out and cut apart. This greatly reduces the cost and I can offer them for $4.50 per set, or $40 for all 10 sets at once.

If you would like them copied and cut apart for you, I can offer them for $10 a set, plus postage if needed to send them to you. All 10 sets together for $90.

They are also available as a slide show on DVD. They are divided into two DVD volumes of 250 symbols each. Each DVD is also $15. 

Symbolic Language of Healing – Poetry for Inspiration

The Healing Symbols have inspired a number of poems I would love to share with you. Just email and ask me to send them to you.